Meet the Team


Sean and Blanca Real Estate Team distinguishes itself in the industry by offering a comprehensive array of services that go beyond traditional real estate transactions. As a bilingual and bicultural married couple, Sean and Blanca bring a unique perspective to their work, understanding the needs of clients globally and providing services in both English and Spanish. Their expertise extends to various aspects of real estate, including new construction, luxury properties, and international sales, showcasing their versatility.

One of their standout features is their commitment to giving back to the community. Sean and Blanca are actively involved in philanthropy, evident in their initiative to build an English/Spanish immersion school in Blanca's hometown, emphasizing education, sustainability, and Christian values.

In 2023, the team expanded their services by acquiring life insurance licenses, demonstrating a holistic approach to client well-being. This addition, coupled with their strategic planning services, ensures that clients not only find their dream homes but also protect their families and assets for generations to come. Sean and Blanca's dedication to providing a complete suite of services, including lending solutions and first-time homebuyer programs, enhances the overall real estate experience.


Their expertise in navigating the upper bracket market, working with trusted partners, and offering flexible commissions and discounts for military, police, and first responders further sets them apart. The team's membership in eXp Realty Luxury and their success in selling homes significantly above the asking price highlight their proficiency in the luxury real estate market.

In summary, Sean and Blanca Real Estate Team's unique blend of cultural understanding, philanthropy, expanded services, and expertise across various real estate segments position them as industry leaders. Their commitment to client success, community engagement, and a personalized, multilingual approach sets them apart from other real estate professionals, offering a truly exceptional and comprehensive real estate experience.

Work With Us

Sean and Blanca run a real estate team in Texas and Minnesota. Through their business they have kept their focus on connecting families together and making them feel welcomed. Whether you are looking to buy or sell in or out of state, you can contact them and they can represent. you, or connect you with the right agent.

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