Sean & Blanca Schellsmidt

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Adaptability and hard work helped them thrive through the Great Financial Crash and succeed in today's market. With Blanca's law background and Sean's technology experience, they offer a fun, coaching approach to real estate.


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We Are Sean and Blanca

Real Estate Team

Sean and Blanca crossed paths in 1995 during a photo shoot in Ixtapa, Mexico, when they were just 18. Blanca pursued a law degree in Mexico City while Sean completed high school. Sean later joined Blanca in Mexico City after saving up, and together they embarked on successful modeling careers, representing top global brands nationwide. Their journey led them to marriage, relocation to Minneapolis, and the joyful beginnings of their family.

Blanca ventured into real estate in 2006, just as the financial crisis hit. Swift to adapt, she emerged as a trusted advocate for struggling homeowners. Her empathetic approach propelled her business forward, prompting Sean to join in 2012. Together, they've built a flourishing enterprise specializing in luxury homes, new construction, move-up & downsizing clients, 1st-time buyers, and relocation services. Their reach extends from Minneapolis to Dallas, Texas, and sought-after beach and retirement locals in Mexico. Today, they lead a thriving real estate empire, driven by their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and community engagement.

Sean and Blanca Realtor Couple

Our journey is filled with captivating tales of how fate intertwined our paths, leading us to collaborate in the real estate realm, build a family, and continually invigorate our business approach.

Work With Us

Sean and Blanca lead a dynamic real estate team serving both North Dallas and Minneapolis. Their unwavering commitment lies in fostering meaningful connections among clients and friends, ensuring each individual feels valued throughout their real estate journey. Whether your goal is to build your dream home, downsize or relocate  or selling across state lines, entrust Sean and Blanca to expertly represent you or seamlessly connect you with a trusted agent perfectly suited to your needs.

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