Who is Hurting Your Sale? Tips from Sean and Blanca

Who is Hurting Your Sale? Tips from Sean and Blanca

Who is Hurting Your Sale? Tips from Sean and Blanca

Selling your home can be a rewarding but challenging process. At Sean and Blanca Real Estate, we've seen firsthand how certain factors can hinder your chances of getting top dollar for your property. Here are some common pitfalls we've noticed and how our expert guidance can help you avoid them to ensure a successful sale. 

1. Renters in the Home

The Challenge:
Having renters in your home while it’s on the market can complicate the selling process. Renters may be uncooperative with showings, leading to fewer opportunities for potential buyers to view the property. Additionally, renters may not maintain the home in show-ready condition, causing unnecessary stress for both the renter and the homeowner.

Our Solution:
We recommend waiting until the lease ends before listing your property. If that’s not feasible, consider offering incentives to your renters for their cooperation, such as reduced rent for maintaining show-ready conditions and accommodating showing schedules. Our team can provide guidance on how to approach these conversations effectively.

2. Pets in the Home

The Challenge:
Pets can unintentionally reduce your home's appeal to potential buyers. Damaged floors, baseboards, and doors, along with general wear and tear, can significantly impact your home's sale price. Moreover, pet odors and the presence of animals during showings can be distracting and off-putting to buyers, especially those who are afraid of or allergic to pets.

Our Solution:
If possible, arrange for your pets to stay with friends or family during the selling process. Alternatively, consider boarding them temporarily. We also suggest addressing any pet-related damage before listing the home, such as repairing floors and doors and conducting a thorough deep clean to eliminate any odors. We can recommend trusted professionals to help you get your home in top shape.

3. Unpleasant Odors

The Challenge:
Strong odors are one of the most immediate turn-offs for potential buyers. Whether from cooking, smoking, pets, or overuse of fragrance plug-ins, these smells can cause buyers to leave without fully exploring the property.

Our Solution:
To tackle smoke odors, we advise homeowners to rent an ozone generator and run it for 48 hours to neutralize the smell. Proper ventilation is crucial, so make sure to open windows and air out the home regularly. For more stubborn odors, replacing carpets, repainting interiors (especially ceilings), and hiring professional cleaners can make a significant difference. We can connect you with the right service providers to ensure these tasks are handled efficiently.

Additional Preparation Tips:

  • Work with our Designer:  Our designer will come to your home and help you with a room-by-room plan to highlight the property’s best features and help buyers envision themselves living there. This service is included when you hire Sean and Blanca.
  • Work with our Trusted Handymen:  Our trusted partners of handymen, painters, and landscapers will follow the suggestions of our designer, and our team - and most importantly,  they'll fit inside of your budget!

At Sean and Blanca Real Estate, we're dedicated to providing you with the best options, ideas, and solutions to prepare your home for sale. Our goal is to help you achieve the highest possible sale price with the least amount of stress. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in successfully selling your home. 


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