Defeating a Multi-Billion Nation Builder

Defeating a Multi-Billion Nation Builder

Special thanks to our Amazing Team Member, Victoria De La Mora and Andrea Altamirano with Sunrise Bank. 

In the heart of the real estate battleground, where fortunes rise and dreams are tested, our clients embarked on a quest to transition from their beloved home of twelve years to the sanctuary of their dreams - a pristine new construction nestled against the serene backdrop of private wetlands. Little did they know that their journey would soon become a David-and-Goliath tale of epic proportions, with Team Sean and Blanca standing in their corner.

It began with a simple dream - the desire to sell their cherished home and step into a new chapter of their lives. With years of hard work and diligent saving behind them (paying off their mortgage), they sought out our guidance to navigate this intricate path. As seasoned veterans of the real estate world, we dove headfirst into crafting a strategic plan, crunching numbers, and scouring the landscape for the perfect abode.

Our efforts bore fruit when we unearthed a hidden gem that checked every box on our clients' wishlist. Positioned within their budget and boasting all the desired amenities, this property stood as a beacon of hope. Swiftly, we locked in an enviable interest rate (5.6%) with the aid of our trusted lender at Sunrise Bank, and our offer was accepted by the builder, contingent upon the sale of our clients' current home.

But just as the stars seemed to align, a dark cloud loomed on the horizon. In a shocking turn of events, the builder unleashed a ruthless demand for the removal of contingencies, hurling our clients into a whirlwind of uncertainty. With a mere 48-hour deadline looming over their heads, the odds seemed insurmountable, compounded by the bitter revelation that the builder's ploy was an inside job.

Amidst the chaos, anger, and despair, Team Sean and Blanca refused to yield. Rallying together, we embarked on a feverish brainstorming session, determined to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Plan A flirted with audacity - a daring proposal to purchase our clients' home ourselves, flipping the script on the builder's greed. Yet, wary of the risks involved, we swiftly turned to Plan B.

With the clock ticking relentlessly, we leveraged our network to secure a cash offer through one of our hard money lending contacts, poised to break the builder's stranglehold. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to our adversaries, a clandestine Plan C was brewing behind the scenes.

Our tenacious loan officer at Sunrise Bank delved deep into the labyrinth of financial intricacies, negotiating tirelessly to secure a miraculous approval that would unshackle our clients from contingencies. With a stroke of luck and a touch of magic, the bank granted them a reprieve, offering a new approval letter, non-contingent and unstoppable.

With mere hours to spare, disaster was averted, and the builder's grip on our clients' dreams was shattered. Forced to backtrack, they had no choice but to reinstate our offer, stripped of all contingencies. As exhaustion washed over us, a sense of triumph and relief enveloped our weary souls.

As a team, we had triumphed against all odds, wielding multiple solutions like arrows in our quiver. It was a victory not just for our clients, but for the spirit of resilience and camaraderie that defines our profession. And as we raise our glasses in celebration, we reflect on the power of representation, the triumph of the underdog, and the enduring legacy of Team Sean and Blanca. Cheers to another conquest against the giants of the industry!

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